Landscape Services

Landscape Services


 The design process starts with a face-to-face meeting on your property where I can listen and ask important questions about you, your property and your wishes and vision. Once I understand how you want your garden to look, feel and function, the kinds of spaces you want to create, the types of colors, textures and images you love, I will sketch one, two or three alternative designs, depending on what we decide is best, and give estimates of how much each might cost.  After further discussion we will settle on a final design for which will create detailed drawings, plants lists, and a budget.


Installation follows the design process. Most of my designs I can install myself or together with you. I work primarily with plants and soil, but I also build walks, patios, stairs, stonewalls, create water features, irrigation and lighting systems and handcraft garden gates, trellises, fences, and even porches to overlook a garden space. With complex, large-scale plans you may chose to contract part or all of the installation to anther firm. In this case I can help supervise that process acting as your agent.


For clients who want to participate actively in their gardens, I can work more as a consultant.  I might help you with design, heavy installation, or work alongside you as a mentor. I particularly enjoy working in this way, sharing what I love to do myself.


I provide long-term and periodic services for newly installed or existing gardens to keep them healthy and vibrant. The first year or two after a new installation require intense and careful maintenance; later years require judicious pruning, plant replacement and division to maintain the esthetic we worked to create. I perform soil testing and enhancement using organic methods; spring and fall pruning, planting, renovating, and preparing garden beds for winter, dividing or moving plants so they thrive, etc. I don’t provide regular, routine weekly maintenance, such as lawn care.

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