Two worlds, two landscapes, two skill sets.

Two ways to see the world and two ways to live in our world. Two methods make our world a better place for ourselves and those we share our world with. Two landscapes that find unity in the plants that inhabit them – plants for their aesthetic and their therapeutic values and roles those plants play in human ecology.


A therapeutic system that enhances the individual’s capacity to heal and maximize our potential to fulfill the higher purposes of our lives. Homeopathy uses potentized, infinitesimal doses of natural substances to induce a healing response to achieve deep changes to health and well-being.

Sustainable Organic Landcare 

A way to live in our physical environment that nurtures the organic systems that nurture us. Supporting with the soil organic, mineral and microbiome induces health and resilience in plants, which support these qualities in their human stewards.


Learn more about me, the methods I use and the services I provide, connect and share using the information and tools on these pages. Engage with me in a homeopathic or landscape journey that will enhance your health and make your world more beautiful and fulfilling.