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Man WHo Panted Trees (greyScale)Thank you for inquiring about my landscape design and organic landcare services.

Landscape gardening reflect esthetics, beliefs, values, and critical life images.  As a designer I need to understand your vision and help you create the garden you dream about. I’ve gardened intensively for thirty-five years. I am a certified in organic landcare by NOFA and a graduate of the landscape design program at Harvard/Arnold Arboretum’s Landscape Institute. I am especially interested in sustainable methods that enhance our health and that of the environment.

My Background

My interest in organic and sustainable gardening began long before I enrolled in the Harvard/Arnold Arboretum Landscape Institute.  Fond images underlie my designs – running through the extensive gardens of my landscape designer grandmother; treks through woods and meadows identifying plants with my naturalist grandfather, and vegetable gardening and tending the landscape with my other grandfather.

A deep personal satisfaction has come through gardening. Healthy, beautiful plants arranged among pleasing land forms truly nurture my body and soul. As a homeopathic practitioner I understand the therapeutic resonance between plants and people. Now I balance my life between two professions – homeopathic consultation and landscape design – integrating the deepest currents of my life.

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